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Let’s be real here for a second, everyone and their mother has heard of the app Feature Points. But just in case you haven’t, let me tell ya all about it. It’s an app where you download other apps in exchange for points. These points can be traded in for rewards like Starbucks gift cards, paypal gift cards and amazon gift cards.

I personally like using my payments to fund my Starbucks addiction and nail polish habit. Those Amazon gift cards some in pretty handy. 

You may be thinking, “Woah, qualityf00d, this is too good to be true.” And I get where you’re coming from, but it’s legit. You’re literally getting paid to play on your phone.

Are you an iPhone or Android user interested in joining Feature Points? Use this referral code: GG6988. It’ll give you fifty points just for joining and it’ll also help me out, too.

If you end up joining with my referral code, shoot me a message off anon so I can follow you.

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